In Bangladesh, uploading videos on Facebook is an opportunity to earn income

The most popular social network in the world, Facebook has opened up opportunities for Bangladeshi users. Now users and creative manufacturers can earn money by posting standard video on Facebook page. On November 07, 018 a blog post on Facebook’s own site was officially announced.

Originally users will get income opportunities through launching ‘Add Breaks’ feature to show ads on video posts on Facebook page. Only those videos that can meet the Facebook conditions can add add breaks feature. When Ad Breaks is launched, ads will appear in the same time as videos like YouTube and Google. And through this display of ads, Facebook will get a share of income, the synthetic user

Ad Breaks Account Approv Rules: But not from Facebook Profile; This page will be available only from the page. To be eligible for income from Facebook page, there must be minimum 10 thousand followers. The page should have a video of at least three minutes in the last 60 days, at least 30 thousand views and everyone watched the video with at least a minute. Only after these conditions are met, ads can be made on the video.

Besides Bangla as well as in more nine languages ​​in the world, they have started the facility. The languages ​​are – Arabic, English, French, German, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog and Thai. Facebook said that 32 countries of the world, including United States, United Kingdom and Bangladesh, were initially covered under this facility. This facility will be launched in a few other countries by the end of this year.

Facebook has said, Bangladeshi users can upload videos in both English and Bangla languages ​​on Facebook. When publishers and creators are considered eligible for ad breaks, the advertisements can be added to their uploaded videos right now. In addition to being eligible, uploading multiple videos together on Facebook pages allows you to earn more by increasing views.

The ‘add breaks’ qualification and management and fair finance will depend on the contents. To verify add breaks , can access the Creator Studio address. Here are Facebook’s qualified publishers and the primary guideline for ensuring manufacturers’ revenue through Ad Break.

Facebook users and IT experts have expressed excitement for introducing this new feature for Bangla-speaking as one of the world’s top languages. Successful Freelancer and Internet Marketing Al Amin Kabir said that the source of revenue for creative video makers worldwide was YouTube. Thousands of dollars are earning millions of dollars by making videos for YouTube. The launch of Facebook Video Monetization has created new possibilities for these manufacturers. Facebook users are more user-friendly than YouTube, now our creative manufacturers will benefit more financially.

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