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The government has given smart card to National ID card in many districts of the country. Many people have already got their cards understood. This smart card ID will be used in 25 sectors. There are 25 safety features in three levels. First level security features will be seen in the eyes, second level features will be needed to see portable parts and the final level will require forensic testing in a laboratory. To ensure international standards, eight international certificates and certificates will be ensured.

Smartcards have not yet reached the hands of all. But those who are still not able to know themselves when you can get your card in hand. This information can be sent by sending SMS to 105 or from the Election Commission website.

You can also know the date of the smartcard delivery by going to the link on the Election Commission website and the NID number and date of birth or form number and date of birth. However, those smartcard distributions have not yet been determined, they will be asked to search again later.

Through SMS, the date and time of the distribution will be known. To know by SMS, write SC by typing NID and typing the NID number of 17 numbers with a space and send it to 105. Those who have NID 13 digits will have to add their first birth date to the NID number. For example, SC NID 1974xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Those who have been registered as Voters but have not yet received NID, write SC by typing SP and typing the registration slip form number by entering space D with space and send the date of birth in yyy-mm-dd format to 105.

What is a smart card? 
Smart card 2016 will have 10 
security smart card with 25 security features. 
There will be 22 types of citizen facilities or services available. 
A digital identity card for citizens of Bangladesh.

Smart card 2016, which can be seen – the
name of the person (both Bengali and English), the name of the parents, birth date and national identity registration number.

The address, blood group and birthplace of the person who is casting the back of the card will be mentioned.

Smart card chips will have 32 types of information, which are machine-readable. 
There is a great difference between the laminated card with the previous card with the previous smart card. This card is made of plastic (polymers), so it will be sturdy and chronic. 
The card has been extended to 10 years.

In case of women, the name of the husband was on the previous card, the father’s name was not there. On the other hand, the name of the wife was not mentioned in the case of men, which was called discrimination. Now the women’s smart card will be replaced by the name of the father instead of the father’s name.

Card Chip person’s career, permanent address, current address, age, marital status, birth registration number, educational qualification, identification mark, religion, passport number, income tax certificate number, driving license number, gender, educational qualification, telephone and mobile number, Information about the death, the disability or the disability information of the parents and husband or wife.

Smart card covers, national flowers, national birds, national memorials and tea leaves, liberation war and current national flag, national anthem etc. This program was adopted in the year 2011 in order to distribute smart card to 9 crore voters in the country, so that the World Bank has spent about 800 crore to finance the loan.

Smart Card 2016 Safety –
Smart Card has 25 security features, it can be divided into three levels. The first level you can see in the empty eyes Second-level security features will require special instruments. And only in the laboratory, Forensic Test can be seen through third-level security features. In order to verify the authenticity of the identity card of the person, any organization has to make an appeal with the Election Commission.

Smart Card Advantage: For the 
22 services that apply to the services you use smart card facility.

Smart card facilities will help you get your citizen’s benefits. Smart card will be required to get 22 types of services-

Get income taxpayer identification number. For opening of shares application and BO account. For the creation and renewal of driving licenses Application for application and renewal of passport. For registration of vehicles. For trade license. For job applications. In case of insurance and scheme participation. In case of marriage or divorce registration. To purchase and sell real estate To open bank accounts. In case of acceptance or repayment of bank loans. Identify voters of the election. In case of government allowance withdrawal In case of government subsidies. In case of various help-associations In connection with telephone-mobile connection For e-ticketing Regarding admission of educational institutions. In case of accused and criminal detection To get an identity number, and log in to the secure Web.

In front of the slogan, ‘smart national identity card, introduction is filled with pride’, it is being informed about security features, card requirements and citizen services.

At the time of collecting smart card, all fingerprints and eye-eye scans of the hands of the person will be scanned, and the existing paper-made card will have to be submitted.

With the introduction of old cards of citizens to get the National Identity Card, along with 10 fingerprints and eye jewelery pictures. In this case, if a card is lost, first take the old card and submit it to the smart card.

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