Rule of Writing Job Application or CV

Today you will share a CV with which all types of CV writing is possible. Let’s start without delay …

The (Here write to her name)
Company Name 
Subject: Application for the post of …………… . ( Write in the name of the topic) 
In response to your advertisement published in the ‘Daily in Star’ or. If the name of any newspaper is mentioned in the name of the name of 12th October, 2018. that you are going to appoint some candidates for the post of …… (The name of the person to write about) … .. I would like to offer My all papers are given
Therefore, I pray and hope that
Yours faithfully


own name

(——— So much like the application. Write a single page.)

The next page will be the bottom part.

“Curriculum Vitae”

Name:  Own Name

Fathers name: Father’s name

Mothers name: Mother’s name

Date of birth: Date of birth

Permanent address: Current Address

Marital status: Marital status

Religion: Religion

Nationality: National the

Education qualification:, Passing year, Board / University , GPA / Class. , Group / Subject.

(You need to draw the table and write the necessary information in the table.)

Experience: Write Experience

Therefore, follow this rule. As much as possible for all the job applications to come, life can be solved.

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