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If you need to know about swine flu to live.

Hear the name implies, it is a disease of swine flu. In fact, the name of the swine flu swine influenza. Hague also called it the flu or pig flu. If the epidemic disease of pigs in the pig and pig died. What if the people are so cowed? There are those who raise pigs or pigs to cultivate their disease may come, and that all people those who come into contact with the farmers of this disease can be. Surprisingly, however, the fact that we are so worried about swine flu to 009, but it did not come from pigs, but pigs, yes, that could be, or even if the disease.
The disease is a disease caused by the influenza virus, the swine flu virus that has the disease of the influenza virus ‘C’ and the influenza virus ‘A’ with some of the Sub-Type (H1 N1- H One N One).

This virus through coughing or sneezing of an infected person can infect a healthy person. Vapor particles sneezing or coughing caused by the infection causes the wind out, it’s always thrilling to be used at any place or containers may also lead to infection. The pot or place (such as tables, chairs, telephones, door handles, etc.), and that a healthy person with the hand touching his nose with his hands, face or eyes from the healthy person, it could be swine flu. Wash your hands well with soap, but if you do not have the swine flu virus.

The people who are to go to the Public Place public meeting or several times a day, wash your hands well with soap and water. Even in this time of pigs meat-eater being warned to be sensible.
Understand how you or someone in your neighborhood is swine flu? Swine Flu and other influenza-infected patients suffer from similar symptoms. Such as fever, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, stomach pain, headache, fatigue and cold winter begin to catch or stop further weakening. So if these symptoms should consult your sneeze and cough doctors quickly through the others because the talks are not affected by the cough handkerchief sneeze, cover with a towel or other cloth. The infected person spread of the disease is usually in the first 5 days, then the children of this disease, they can spread the virus up to 10 days.

The two tests can be confirmed one swine flu is one of the neck from the swab (Nasopharyngeal swab) with the viral culture (viral culture), and through, the presence of viruses can be confirmed, the other is the blood of the H1N1 virus, antibodies, PCR (polymeras of chain reaction) to detect through, it’s a lot of indirect evidence of the presence of the virus carries.

Yet no vaccine or effective for the prevention of swine flu was discovered, However, Antiviral Medicine for treatment available in the market is quite simple. Tamiflu, whose real name oseltamivir or Relenza (zanamivir) are available in the market in the name of Medicine. A total of 5 days, 10 duibela Medicine weaken the virus brings down the disease. If you delay treatment or neglect of people with the disease can lead to death. Generally, this death respiretari failure, then pneumonia, water depletion, acute fever or electrolyte deficiency can also lead to death.

Swine flu is a disease that can be prevented if a little careful. This is very important to create awareness. You know yourself warned and warn the others. Patient from a safe distance, stay in the open position when the well with soap and washed his hands and nose-mouth-eyes, and, if possible, public avoid the disease suspicion immediately consult a doctor and he recommended Only Medicine enjoying, the rest receive enough liquid diet. Cough or sneeze, cough and spit in his face with a cloth in a safe place and remove the cover.


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