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NTRCA Latest Notice Board

The long-running issue of teachers’ education crisis in private schools is being cut. At least a hundred thousand teachers and employees are being created. NMTAQ.

In view of the new curriculum introduced in 2012 and the countrywide quality education disrupted, the initiative was taken by the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education of the Ministry of Education Apart from this, new educational institutions will be included in MPO.

These proposals have been floated in ‘Private Education Institutes (Schools and Colleges) Manpower Structure and MPO Policy-2018′.

Asked about this, Additional Secretary (Secondary) of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education of the Education Ministry, Jabed Ahmed told Azad, “Many things including ICT are being restarted but the posts have not been created.

” Teachers are teaching other topics because of the problem of teachers. Students are deprived of quality education. Considering these issues a new manpower structure has been created. The Ministry of Public Administration will soon be sent for approval.

He also said that there is no specific age for private teachers to enter the job. Age issue has been set. Asked about the educational institutions MP, he said, comments can be made until the policy is approved. Here are many interests of the state involved.

According to the manual structure of private educational institutions, there are one position in the middle schools in Bengali, English and social science.

Apart from these three posts, new posts of agriculture, domestic, mathematics, physical science, religion, physical education, information and communication technology, arts and crafts will be created in the new manpower structure. If you have a computer lab, then a lab operator can be appointed.

Apart from this, 19 posts have been proposed for office assistant cum computer operators, office assistants, security and cleanliness staff, night guard and income (co-education and girls’ school). There are currently nine posts.

In the secondary school, there are three posts of MPO posts in Bangla, English, Social Science and Business Education.

In addition to the creation of the posts of information and communication technology, mathematics, physical science, religion, physical education, agriculture, home, arts and curriculum, biology (if science department is in), with two separate positions regarding social science and business education (if science is in operation) Has been proposed.

The present government introduced physical education, information and communication technology and arts and curriculum in secondary and higher secondary level. New posts will be created on these issues. In the secondary and higher secondary level, there is a post of a teacher of science in MPO.

He taught physics, chemistry, biology and higher math alone. According to the new policy, different teachers will be MPOs related to physics and biology. Agriculture and domestic specialization.

But a teacher is to teach two subjects. Different posts have been created in these two matters. Those who were athletic teachers would be considered teachers of physical education.

Apart from this, new posts of assistant laborers Kam Katgalger and computer lab operator will be created. In addition to every aspect of science in the Higher Secondary School, an exhibitor has been invited to MPO on information and communication technology. Higher Secondary College also has the same manpower structure.

And at each level of the level (PASS) level, MPO of each of the lab assistant posts has been proposed. But the lab is always mandatory. For the first time, it has been proposed to create the post of vice-chancellor in the Higher Secondary College.

If the Ministry of Public Administration approves the new policy, more than half the million teachers and employees will be added MPO in 26 thousand 90 MPO institutions across the country.

Additional conditions for opening of sections, topics and categories: More than 50 additional branches will be opened in the secondary school. However, there should be at least 40 students in the new branch. In order to open each branch in the next 50 students will have to be.

New branches include Bengali, English, Math, Social Science, Physical Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Religion, Agriculture / domestic teachers can be appointed. There will be 25 students to open the division at secondary and higher secondary level.

To open the branch, follow the same guidelines as the mid-level level. There should be 25 students to open the division in high school. There will be 100 students in this division with 25 students to open new subjects.

In order to open new subjects in graduate level institutions, there will be 25 students and 75 students in the division. To open the shift, there will be one hundred and a half hundred students based on class. In the new shift, 50 students of each class will be included in MPO of subject-based teachers.

If there are more than 40 students of different religions in secondary schools, then a religious teacher can be appointed.

Teacher recruitment qualification
At present there are no rules for admission to the educational institutions. The new policy has been set for 35 years. There is no restriction on the appointment of teachers in the third division or equivalent degree. In the new policy, a third-class applicant can apply for education without the latest degree.

Must be a graduate or equivalent degree of 300 marks in the appointment of assistant teacher for Bangla and English subjects. There is no clear explanation for the appointment of teachers in the subject. The new policy has been made clear. The demand for the appointment of a third teacher at the graduate level has been neglected even now.

If you are upgraded to a secondary school and college, you will remain in the head teacher’s position. If the college level is not MPO, then the principal can not be appointed if the head teacher’s post is vacant. However, if the MPO can be appointed the principal.

According to the policy, for the first time MPO teachers will be assessed annually. That means the ACR will be introduced like government officials and employees.

Grading MPO Recruitment
Education Gradeing will be done by MPA number 100. 25 marks for academic accreditation (number five for every two years, 25 for 10 or more organizations).

Number 25 on the number of students (15 numbers for the desired number, then 10 percent increase in the number 5). Number 25 for the number of examinations (15 numbers for the desired number and 5 for the 10 for the next). Grading will be done for the passage of the public examinations (number 15 for achieving the desired rate and the number five in the next 10 percent).

Applicants must have 25 students based on MPO. But the science department has made 15 people. In the new manpower structure, the salary and allowances of the teachers and employees of the cremation will not be given. However, the MPO will be included in the new post.

If new vacancies are vacant, the new job structure can not be recruited. Those who are not MPOs,

After the closure of the branch, no other campus and branch can be run except authorized campus. Honors-Master’s College, Honors and Kamil Madrasa, Music College, Bodybuilding College, Domestic Economics College and Nominee Private Institutions were not brought to the policy.

As a result, teachers and employees of these institutions will be deprived of MPO or government pay.

In 1995, the MPO and Manpower Structure Policy were prepared in 1995 for the teachers and employees of private educational institutions. Then in 2010 and 2013 the policy was amended in two phases.

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