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Google AdSense Bans Pop Up Or Pop Under Ads

Google AdSense

Google AdSense Bans Pop Up Or Pop Under Ads

Google introduced that their AdSense product has up to date their advert regulations to disallow Google AdSense advertisements from showing on pages that are prompted by pop up or pop beneath techniques. similarly, you can not use Google AdSense ads on any net website that deploys pop beneath advertisements.

Google Said:

To expedite our guidelines, we are no longer permitting the placement of Google commercials on pages which can be loaded as a pop-up or pop-underneath. additionally, we do now not permit Google advertisements on any site that incorporates or triggers pop-unders, no matter whether Google advertisements are proven within the pop-unders.

Here are the new rules:

  1. Publishers aren’t approved to location Google ads on web sites that have more than three pop-ups. If pop-united states of americaare displayed on a site, they’ll not intrude with website navigation, exchange user possibilities, provoke downloads, or distribute viruses.
  2. Publishers aren’t authorised to region Google ads on web sites that include or cause pop-unders.
    moreover, sites the use of AdSense might not be loaded by means of any software program that triggers pop-ups,
  3. Modifies browser settings, redirects customers to undesirable sites, or otherwise interferes with normal website navigation. it’s far your duty to make sure that no advert community or associates use such methods to direct traffic to pages that incorporate your AdSense code.

It’s far approximately time Google AdSense draws a line inside the sand here.


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