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Fistula caused by childbirth

The fistula tract was caused by a hole in the birth date. Maternal death, fistula caused by childbirth is a major reason. The various kinds of women that they are faced with this disease, such as urine and stool-speed bearing any disability, shame, being expelled from the society and health.

Signs and symptoms:

Depending on the size of the fistula and the symptoms and the symptoms usually differ.

For Example:

  • Urine, dung and pus to come out of the vagina
  • The white discharge associated with bad
  • Repeated infections in the vagina and the urinary streets
  • The vagina, vaginal and anal irritation or pain on the way
  • Pain during physical relationship
  • The bathroom and the toilet is often a failure to control

When to call a doctor:

To meet the above symptoms and symptoms to immediately contact a doctor.

Where to get services: In Public Hospitals

What kind of care are:

  • Surgery or operation
  • If no infection before surgery antibiotic use
  • As directed by the doctor’s advice and take medication and comply with restrictions

Way of life:

  • Anal with hot water and soap after the toilet to clean well. After washing to remove with a clean cloth.
  • Maybe that burning decoration / do not use soap
  • Wearing loose clothing and cotton underwear.
  • How to prevent fistula caused by childbirth
  • Early pregnancy is not
  • During spring trained midwife / doctor supervised
  • The house can not be delivered
  • Not long period of labor
  • Emergency services rushed to the maternity

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