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Build Dairy Farm

Build Dairy Farm

By the end of the study most of the students are sitting in the hope of a traditional job or business. It requires hard work and discipline and self-confidence. There are many societies where exceptional job a little hard work and thoughts of the success of the operation will shake at the door rings. We try to make every day of our career pages give some constructive idea of ​​the project. Today, such a project was discussed. It is a dairy farm.

In Bangladesh, the number of successful dairy farm. The demand and the market is growing day by day. The ideal foods such as milk, on the one hand, to meet the needs of protein and organic fertilizers can be found in meat and cow dung as fuel, as well as the ability to have a good income from this sector. However, of course you must have a little knowledge. The best short or long-term training, if any organization.

The primary need: to build anything in the first initial preparation. In preparation for any task that depends on the success and failure. Dairy farm needs to build financial capacity, experience and safety of beef. First, a large farm building with a small hand in hand is better. 5 out of 6 cattle farms and gradually expand the better. Hiring a professional for two cows, if not better. However, keep in mind if you have previous experience of taking care of his cows.

Selection Process: It is better to build the farm in their area, especially want these cows. In this case, you need to pick a cow, improved varieties. If you do not pick yielding cow disease would persist throughout the year, firm. Firm enough good breeds, as well as grass, straw measures should be cake. After the campaign for the sale of milk on the farm will be build.

Site selection: the transportation system is good enough to have the opportunity to sell milk and dairy farm around these areas need to be developed. Around the walls, agreed the housing environment, air and light enough to walk the cows to rest and will stay in place. Drug store beef, green grass around the farm is a good side.

Food supply: Dairy firm will pay for the first importance to the beef dishes. If you do not have enough to eat the right amount and quality of milk is not available. Rice bran, wheat bran, gram, hardy and peel, salt, oil cake, coconut fiber, grass-straw collection will be adequate. Sometimes stale and rotten food is supplied to the cows. Which is never right. The cows may be affected by various diseases. Keep in mind that cows are always clean and the food is nutritious. Rot or keep for a long time, these products must not be fed to cows. Heifer pregnancy and pregnancy should be nurtured differently. The need to maintain constant contact with the local animal doctor.

Income and expenditure: Dairy Farm is a long-term program. It is wrong to expect immediately. Rather, the results can be found in the little devotional manner. A cow will cost to buy an average of 30-50 thousand rupees. The more you increase the number of cattle to reduce the cost of the sector. The sweet shop in the city and confectionery people came directly to the farm to collect the milk. A cow from an average of 4-5 months worth of milk can be sold. Excluding this gain is less than the cost for a family.

Care: great for yielding cow dairy farm. In the case of a cow born in New Zealand and Australia can be chosen. The livestock farmers and the animal is well taken in consultation with officials. For each cow is different mosquito net, fan, cleaning system to keep dirt. Emergency lighting and cleaning for the light to look into it.

Animal health care: Almost all districts of the veterinary hospital. In addition, farmers are trained officially. In addition to help from the government institutions have the opportunity to take loans from the banks. Youth Development, Krishi Bank, Grameen Bank, trained from youth employment bank loans without collateral can get quite hefty. This can be a great job for the unemployed educated youth.

Therefore, we are seeking to change the fate of themselves and are doing well financially and Dairy Farm.



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