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Admission application for all government secondary schools in the year 2019

In the academic session 2009-2015, students who are willing to participate in admission in all government secondary schools in the district headquarters and Dhaka City will fill up the online application form and submit the application fee of 170 rupees through Teletalk Prepaid SIM. Let’s know more about this …

Application dead

  • Online submission of application and application fee submission date: 30/11/2012
  • Online submission date of application: 13/12/2018

The rules for completing the Web Application Form:
1. You can browse the website by visiting http://gsa.teletalk.com.bd .
2. According to the instructions of the online application, the candidate will fill all his information. Quota of students who apply for quota must be specified otherwise quota will not be considered.
3. In the online application, the candidate will scan his color picture (length 300x width 300 pixels) and upload it to the JPEG format.
4. The application form appearing online should be shown in the application preview along with the picture on the computer. When the application is submitted accurately, the applicant will receive a photo ID with a User ID.
5. Candidate will save online as a part of any requirement regarding print or download copy of the completed application form.
6. Since the information provided in the online application form is used in all subsequent activities, then the candidate will be sure of the accuracy of all information supplied before sending the application.

Rules for applying application fee through SMS

1. By using the User ID number available in the applicant’s copper, the candidate will submit 02 (two) SMS from any Teletalk pre-paid mobile number in the following manner and submit the application fee of Rs. 170 / – for each application within 48 (forty-eight) hours.

2. First SMS: GSA <space> User ID (received from Web Application) and send to 16222
Example: GSA <space> ABCDEF and send it to 16222.
* A PIN number with the name of the student will be available in the return SMS. Using which to use the second SMS-

3. Second SMS: GSA <space> Yes <space> Enter PIN (received from first SMS) and send it to 16222
Example: GSA <space> Yes <space> 123456 to send and send to 16222

4. After successfully applying application and application fee, the entry will be collected from http://gsa.teletalk.com.bd web site using the User ID and Password sent to the second SMS . Students must display this entrance while participating in written examination.

☞ noted here that, Online- Submit the application meets all of the fees, but until the exam Online application will not be received in any state.

সীম Save a Teletalk pre-paid border to complete the process by itself, without having to depend on others for performing school admissions and collecting information related data.

☞ All online tests related to the candidate’s mobile phone will be completed in the online application form, so that the number is kept in full swing and the instructions given immediately follow the instructions.

User ID and PIN recovery method

Candidates from Teletalk pre-paid mobile phones can only recover their respective User ID and PIN following the following SMS method.

১৷ User ID জানা থাকলে: GSA<space>Help<space>User<space>User ID & send to 16222
Example: GSA Help User ABCDEF & send to 16222
২৷ PIN Number জানা থাকলে: GSA<space>Help<space>PIN<space>PIN No & send to 16222

Example: GSA Help PIN 1234567 & send to 16222

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